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Aloft Quartet

Simon Balvig - saxophone

Rasmus Sørensen - piano

Jon Henriksson - double bass

Amund Kleppan - drums

Aloft Quartet is comprised of musicians from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Despite their age, these young artists have already built a strong reputation in the European jazz scene, having toured the continent several times since their formation in 2016 and winning a grammy at the Danish Music Awards for their debut First Year in 2018. Alongside their work in Aloft Quartet, all four members have highly active careers as freelance jazz musicians.

NEW RELEASE - Farewell Old Ways

In their sophomore album Farewell Old Ways, Scandinavian group Aloft Quartet abandons what is familiar and jumps into the void of the unknown. Released on AMP Music & Records, this new venture features original compositions that forge a strong and cohesive repertoire.

Combining the well-composed, intricate structure of modern American jazz, and the velvety smooth, clean Nordic sound we have come to expect from this band, Farewell Old Ways features daring solos, detailed intonation and traditionally inspired improvisation that is deftly produced by  these highly talented instrumentalists. Listeners can expect to be thrilled and pacified by vast sound landscapes, strong textures and grounded rhythms.

Farewell Old Ways

Recorded by Jacob Schjødt Worm in FinlandStudio, Aarhus, Denmark, August 2019.

Mix and master by Jacob Schjødt Worm. Artwork by Ståle Blæsterdalen. AT063 © 2020 AMP Music & Records AS.

DEBUT ALBUM - First Year

Front cover2.jpg

First Year  (2018) is a modern jazz album featuring original compositions by all of the members of Aloft Quartet. Highly structured chord progressions and melodies combined with distinct improvisation will take the listeners on a journey of joy, melancholy and rapture as the songs are composed to reach further than just to the listeners ears.

Together the quartet sounds like a well-oiled musical machine, which considering the young age of these musicians is praiseworthy.

- Adam Baruch (

First Year is a successful debut album, featuring four new and exciting jazz musicians.

- Niels Overgård (JazzNyt)

Recorded by Jacob Schjødt Worm in FinlandStudio, Aarhus, Denmark, June 2017.

Mix and master by Jacob Schjødt Worm. Artwork by Chelsea Davine.


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